The First Conversation - St. Olaf Admissions Interviews

The First Conversation is St. Olaf’s National Admissions Interview program and it is a great way to explore the college and advance your application. We know that trying to encapsulate yourself in a limited set of space can be hard. This is why we encourage students to sit down with us and share more about themselves through the First Conversation program. We’ll be visiting cities across to country (actually, around the world) to talk to prospective Oles and answer your questions about just how far a St. Olaf education can take you.

We encourage you to explore the map below to find out when we’ll be in your area. Click on the star closest to you to find out when we’ll be nearby and to sign up for your interview.

If you find yourself near campus, register for a campus visit and see St. Olaf for yourself!

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